Sunday, May 20, 2012

this is story about love~

this is story about love :)

being in love is such a wonderful feeling that you would ever felt.
you will be happy in every second in your life.
the person who love you will take a very good care about yourself.
he willing  to call and keep messaging you everyday even every time.
without conscious, its just the same question everyday.
 'gud morning' 'have you take your breakfast?' 'are you feeling alright?' 'doing well now?' 'have you eat?' 'i'm really worried bout you' 'take a gud care of yourself' 'i miss you' 'gud night' 'have a happy day tomorrow'

and you will answer all the same questions without tireless.
you always think that he will always be by your side, never let you go.
you think that you wont be able to feel the life without him.

its a habit for you to call out his name everyday.
see the pictures of him and smile.
people might think you 're crazy but you are just keep on smiling.

promise each other from the start and always.
to love, loyal, trust, care, truthful.

this love story will never end.
and together will be happy, ever after...

: : but how can you love someone when you afraid to fall..:'( .still Allah is the only one that you should love coz only Allah Maha Mencintai makhluk nya :')  : :