Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love oral speaking :)


guess what??

i've got 9.5 over 10 marks in oral speaking test just now!! :)

heee even its just a test, but that mark could help me to get a good total mark in my final result...

may be it is right if we love something,then we will enjoy to do that thing and get high satisfaction on that thing..

and thats truely right coz i love english subject really much and i'd enjoy to learn it...

and now will and must try to love other subject such as statistic of science even i hate that kind of subject! its hard for me to love it,

what the hell how come economic students have to take statistic in science in one of their cos???we should give full attention in just economic subject right??

haha its okay,just one of our challenge here...

really enjoy the test!! :)

just wanna share :))

: : speaking london suda : :